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Q: What time do participating volunteers arrive at Hundred Acres Manor?

A: We set our arrival time for participating actors at 5:30 p.m. the night/nights your group has reserved. Gates open at dusk (7:30 p.m. in September – 7:00 p.m. in October)


Q: Why is your arrival time two hours prior to gates opening?

A: We must set arrival time two hours before opening in order to sign-in all participants, give them an actor orientation, assign the actor a costume and a place to work in the house, and also place the actor and educate them on their surroundings (i.e. fire exits, possible hazards, etc.)


Q: What if it is raining?

A: We are open RAIN OR SHINE.


Q: What is the time of departure for participants?

A: Scheduled time of line closing (time which we close the queue line, not the gate) is as follows: Weeknights (Wednesday Thursday, and Sunday as well as the one Monday and Tuesday we are open) line close at 10 p.m. On weekends (Friday and Saturday) line close at 11:30 p.m. We continue to sell tickets until the remaining line has diminished. This means that volunteers should be out of costume and ready to leave by 30 minutes after closing, approximately 10:30 p.m. on weeknights and midnight on Friday and Saturdays. Time varies on what part of the house the participant is in.


Q: What if one of my actors must leave early?

A: If an actor must leave early, they must inform Hundred Acres Manor management BEFORE they are assigned an acting spot for the evening. If management is not informed prior to assignment the actor must stay for the remainder of the evening (Due to insurance reasons, no exceptions). If an actor chooses to leave early, they will not be counted in your group head count, but will be placed on your roster and labeled early departure.


Q: What is your policy on cell phone usage?

A: We do not permit the usage of cell phones, pagers, and other mobile communication devices inside the haunted house. All cell phones etc. must be turned off (Not on vibrate or silent mode). If there is an issue that a cell phone must remain on during participation please notify management previous to participation.


Q: How old must participants be to act?

A: All participants must be age 14 or older to participate due to insurance reasons. No exceptions.


Q: What if a participant is under 18 and cannot drive past 11 o’clock?

A: A Cinderella license form will be given to any participant who asks for one at the end of the evening. This allows the volunteer to drive directly home from the haunted house. In the event of getting a police citation, the form would be recognized as an extension on their Cinderella license. If the participant does not seek a form and is cited, Hundred Acres Manor (Funds for Charities LLC) accepts no responsibility.


Q: What should participants wear?

A: A participant should wear all black or dark colors and dress to the season. Much of our haunt is not indoors, and the indoor parts of the haunt are not heated. WEAR LAYERS!! If you get hot you can always take a layer off, but if you get cold, you will be cold all night. No volunteer should be wearing any costume or make-up of any kind, all is provided for the in order to fit with the scenes of our house. All females who wear make-up for cosmetic reasons should minimize make-up usage the night of participation and avoid open toed or high heel shoes.


Q: Do volunteers have to wear masks or make-up?

A: Yes, a costume is always necessary if you are to be seen by the public. If you are allergic to latex or cannot wear a mask, we will provide you with a water based make up.


Q: Can you choose your costume and mask?

A: All volunteers are selected for positions based on their build and what their physical limitations are, please tell participants that all costumes and masks are pre-selected to fit with a scene and the costumes will be distributed. If the volunteer is unable to wear certain types of materials, we will select another position that will best fit their abilities.


Q: Can a participant select the spot that they are in?

A: Unfortunately, we operate under tight deadlines which do not allow us to let volunteers pick their acting spots for the evening. We cannot give a choice to one while telling the others that they must wait to be assigned. Please do not ask to be in the opening rooms or chainsaw pit, due to timing and insurance reasons we must restrict these areas to staff only!


Q: Can a participant request to be placed with a friend?

A: Most rooms are designed for one actor. We do not take requests.


Q: What issues should volunteers be aware of?

A: We do use disorienting lights (strobes, etc.), which could induce a seizure. We also use fog, which could induce an asthma attack, and have confined spaced which could cause a claustrophobic episode. Lastly, we do use latex masks, which could cause an allergic reaction. Please make your volunteers aware of these issues.


Q: What happens if a participant disobeys one of the house rules?

A: Any infraction of the rules will cause immediate disqualification of the participant from your total head count. Disciplinary action will be taken on any volunteer who does not obey our set rules, which are set in place for the safety of our volunteers and our patrons. In most cases, the volunteer will be taken to the actor’s room for the remainder of the night. The participant will not be permitted to leave the premises until the gates are closed for the evening (For safety and insurance reasons, no exceptions) unless a parent or legal guardian is present.


Q: How do participants receive their community service form?

A: Upon completion of service, the volunteers must see the volunteer coordinator. They will be given a personalized form, which will be recognized as community service verification. If the participant doe not seek a form on the evening of completion, their service will be null and void and a certificate will not be issued.


Q: What if a participant is injured?

A: Upon injury, an incident report is taken, the parents or legal guardian of the person injured will be notified, the group leader will be notified, and in serious situations the ambulance service will be notified. Each situation varies depending on nature of injury. Medical Personal and Police Officers staff our event.


Q: How does my group collect their payment after our nights of participation are complete?

A: At the end of the season, all nights are reviewed and a packet pertaining to each group that participated is put together. The envelope will include a check made payable to your group, your season roster, and any incident reports taken during participation. Checks are to be issued by January 1, 2017.


Q: What is a season roster?

A: At the end of our operating season, all season rosters will be sent to the chairperson of the group that participated in our event. The season roster packet will include the dates on which your group had participated, the number of participants your group had, late arrivals, early departures, any incident reports taken for your group, and a check made payable to your groups chair person.



1 Hundred Acres Drive Bethel Park, PA 15102


Less than 20 minutes from Downtown Pittsburgh

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