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Volunteer Safety Policy

Hundred Acres Manor haunted house policies and safety procedures were developed to ensure the safety of our volunteers and patrons. Each volunteer has a responsibility of representing themselves and the charities we represent. This responsibility includes, but is not limited to, being aware of their own safety as well as the safety of our patrons. It is your safety and the safety of our guests that is our #1 priority, by reviewing the following safety instructions you will insure that you and our guests have an enjoyable Hundred Acres Manor experience.


Each of the following safety procedures were developed to assure that you, the volunteer, have a safe and fun experience during your time with us. All of the following safety procedures will be in effect for the entirety of our haunt season and any changes will be addressed the night of participation. Please also note that any infraction of the following safety guideline will result in termination.


Volunteer Rules and Responsibilities

1 - Listen to the instruction of Hundred Acres Manor supervisor and volunteer coordinator who will be introduced to you upon arrival.


2 - Restrict your movements ONLY to where you are instructed to be (acting or otherwise).


3 - DO NOT attempt to step across roped off areas, railings, or hide in areas that are not part of your instruction.


4 - Beware of doors (and other movable objects) and YOUR position.

     Remember, you may control its movement but there may be someone on the other side who will push back.


5 - Be aware of patrons and report any misconduct of patrons to a Hundred Acres Manor supervisor.


6 – IMMEDIATELY notify Hundred Acres Manor supervisors of ANY injury to yourself or others. A report needs to be taken no matter how insignificant the injury may seem.


7 – DO NOT follow or chase patrons. This is strictly forbidden by our insurance policy. In addition, this may be considered harassment and you may become personally liable.


8 - DO NOT attempt to stop patron flow by stepping in front of a group (all scares are set up to keep the flow of patrons on a continuous path throughout that house).

      This not only slows traffic in the house causing a back up of patrons, but also can cause a patron to react in a rash manor and may be considered harassment.


9 - Take note of nearest emergency exits. BE AWARE of what is going on around you.

     In the event of an emergency, please calmly advise patrons and show them the nearest exit. IMMEDIATELY notify supervision of anything you consider out of the ordinary.


10 - There is NO smoking, drinking of alcohol, or drugs allowed.


11 – NEVER touch, bump, or come in contact with any quest/patron of Hundred Acres Manor. If accidental contact does occur, apologize and step back. (STAY AN ARMS LENGTH AWAY FROM PATRONS), unless otherwise instructed.


12 - NO foul language is permitted prior to or during the operation of the haunted house.


13 - We realize that cell phones have become a part of daily life for most people, but we do not allow the use of cell phones during the run of the house.

       If a phone call must be made, please do so before the house opens or after you have been relieved from duty. No open usage is permitted in the scenes!


14 - We have a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY in effect for any violation for the rules listed above (or rules verbally conveyed during your introduction). You will be escorted form the property for any violation of our rules.


In Conclusion

It is Hundred Acres Manor’s mission to create the most frightening and safe haunted attraction. We want to be the best – Being the best begins with you; the volunteer.



1 Hundred Acres Drive Bethel Park, PA 15102


Less than 20 minutes from Downtown Pittsburgh

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