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Volunteer Orientation

No Touching

Stay an arms length away from patrons at all times.

As an actor at Hundred Acres Manor, you are not permitted to touch or come into any physical contact with our visitors. Actors are to stay at an arms length from patrons at all times. Staying at an arms length provides a safety buffer for both you and the patrons that you are about to scare. Please keep in mind that each visitor reacts in a different manor when they are frightened. Some jump back, some fall forward, and some may attempt to strike you. Should at patron touch you, please get a good description of the patron and immediately report this to your zone manager or a security staff member.


Do Not Stop Patrons

Never step in front of a group or slow their progression through the haunted house.

Hundred Acres Manor receives up to 3,000 visitors during peak times of operation. As an actor you are strictly forbidden to step in front of a group to slow their pace through the manor. By stepping in front of a group you put yourself at risk of being stricken as well as cause congestion within the haunted house causing a conga line effect. We attempt to space groups for you at our ticket booth and ticket taking area for a reason.


No Smoking

Volunteers do not get smoke breaks.

Our volunteers are not permitted to smoke on the property at all, period. We do not offer smoke breaks so please do not ask. Our management staff only has a few minutes with each individual volunteer through the evening and devotes this time to quick bathroom breaks and refreshment distribution. We are unable to use this time to wait for a volunteer to have a cigarette.


No Cell Phones

Absolutely No Cell Phones Allowed Inside The Haunt

Actors at Hundred Acres Manor are not permitted to carry a cell phone on their person within the haunted attraction. Cell phones must remain off at all times while the haunt is in operation. Actors are not permitted to text message, make phone calls, check the time on a cell phone, etc. Use of a cell phone is distracting to the volunteer and emits light that can ruin the scares and sets at the haunt. Volunteers caught with a cell phone will be immediately asked to leave the premises. Should a volunteer have an emergency situation at home or need a cell phone due to medical reasons, exceptions can be made. Please tell the volunteer coordinator and your zone manager of your issue prior to the commencement of the evening.


No Swearing

Staff and patrons are not permitted to swear or act inappropriately.

Hundred Acres Manor does not permit our actors or staff to swear or make inappropriate remarks to our patrons or other staff members. Please have respect for your fellow cast mates as well as the visitors of the manor. Please note that you will most likely encounter patrons that will swear at you, please remind them of our rules that they are not permitted to swear. If the problem persists, please report this patron to your zone manager or security and they will be escorted off the property.


Review Actor Hot Sheets

Follow the position instructions given to you.

Each of our volunteers will be given an “Actor Hot Sheet”. This provides clear instructions on what you are to do in your position. Assure that you use the assigned lines you are given and act for each group every time. Know your character and stay in character. If you have any questions, feel free to ask your zone manager for help! Your Hot Sheet will also provide you with makeup and costuming instructions for you.


Stay In Assigned Area

Do not leave your area unless there is an emergency.

Do not leave your post unless you are accompanied by a zone manager. No exceptions. You are not permitted to switch spots with friends or go to the next room during slow times to chat with other volunteers. You may leave your assigned area in the event of an emergency to notify a staff member. Use the PANIC button.


Do Not Move Props

Our props are placed in positions for a reason. Do not touch them! Some of our props can cost upwards of $4,000 each and have abrupt movements that can injure an inquisitive mind. Stay back! If you want a prop to play with we would be happy to provide you with one if it suits your character. Just ask!


Act! Always Act!

All eyes are on you and your audience is watching.

Make sure you perform for each and every group no matter how small or large they are. Be sure that you stay in character and scare for the middle of the group. Project yourself! If you see one of your friends walking through the attraction, this is not an opportunity to make plans of say hello. Scare the yell out of them! You may not scare every single guest walking through our event but do not get discouraged, be sure to at least entertain them.


Stay In Character

Patrons are watching you!

Unless there is an emergency you are to be in character at all times when in sight of patrons. If you saw Micky Mouse without his mascot head it would take the magic away. We want to keep our patrons immersed in the haunted house experience!


Scare For The Middle Of The Group

Scare for the middle of the group! Scare for the middle of the group!

Most volunteers are to scare for the middle of the group. This gives you the opportunity to scare the entire group all at once! Be sure to scare the group forward as well to keep them moving. Some volunteers may be instructed otherwise.


Take Care Of Your Costume

You are responsible for the costumes, props, and masks that you are given. Treat them with care and do not rip them. If a mask does not fit properly we would be happy to provide you with another mask.


Report All Problems To Your Zone Manager

We are here to help!

Should you have any issues through out the evening let your zone manager know. Your zone manager would be happy to provide you with a bathroom break, bring you a drink or a piece of candy, or help you better understand your position.


Closing Times

The gates at Hundred Acres Manor close at 10 pm on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays and close at 11:30 pm on Friday and Saturday evenings. Please note that this is when our gates close. Volunteers are usually finished within 30 minutes of our gate closing. We understand that it may be a school night and we will get you out as soon as possible. It is impossible for us to remove volunteers before we close especially when we begin our closing procedures each evening.


Early Dismissals

Hundred Acres Manor does not allow volunteers to leave early unless we are previously notified BEFORE the volunteer signs in. This is a serious issue! If we assign you to a key location and you tell us half way through the night that you have to leave you will not be permitted to act for the remainder of the season PERIOD. This is a HUGE inconvenience to the staff at Hundred Acres Manor.


Have Fun

Acting in a haunted house is a fun experience. People will scream, run, and sometimes even pee themselves because of your handiwork. Enjoy your time with us at Hundred Acres Manor and have a screaming good evening!



1 Hundred Acres Drive Bethel Park, PA 15102


Less than 20 minutes from Downtown Pittsburgh

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